Bixpy Motor Extension Cables

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Extension cables for Bixpy electric motors. 4.5′ and 9′ lengths available

The Bixpy Extension Cable allows you to place your Bixpy Outboard Battery further from your motor. If you want to store your battery in the front area of your kayak or SUP or want the battery positioned further from the motor, this will do the job.

Note: Extension cords reduce the efficiency of the system marginally, particularly at higher speeds. Therefore it makes sense to use the shortest cable you can get away with. There is roughly a 1% to 4% power loss with a 4.5 ft extension cord and a 2% to 8% power loss with the 9 ft cable.


  • 4.5′ Extension cable, Part# AC-EXT-1007
  • 9′ Extension cable, Part# AC-EXT-1006