ElectroLite JW Watersnake Kayak Motor


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Lay back and cruise in your Hobie kayak without paddling or even pedaling a stroke. Let’s face it – you’ve worked hard all week, why should you work on your day off? Leave exercise to the slaves, avoid losing precious calories and dominate in style. Rest your legs for more important things, like shuffling to the bar and summitting the steps of the pie shop. SLH ElectroLite – it’s got what legs crave!

The SLH ElectroLite is our custom modified Watersnake kayak motoring system for Hobie pedal kayaks, and is exactly what you’d get if a Watersnake ASP T24-SW Kayak Motor made sweet love to a Hobie cassette plug. It plugs into the drive well of your Hobie in place of the pedals and provides up to 24lb of forward or backward thrust. It’s light enough to be carried on board and easy to deploy when needed, drawing a depth of around 25cm under your hull.

Note: we use Passport style cassette plugs to build these, because it is the one cassette plug that will fit any Miragewell (except for inflatable and MD360 models). We can build them into large or standard cassettes upon request, but there’s really no advantage in using any other plug

We recommend the FPV 50amp lithium battery due to its compact size and light weight (2.8kg), which according to FPV, would give the average user up to 2.5 hours run time (depending on kayak size, weight and conditions) at full throttle speed. The ElectroLite comes with a 1.5 meter power cord fitted with alligator clips for quick attachment to your choice of battery, but if you order the FPV battery with the motor we will replace the clips with the HD waterproof plug system that is now used on the FPV 50 AH battery.

Note: The head units for these motors are not waterproof and problems can arise from water ingress. We do not recommend these for use in rough conditions. Its a good idea to put small clear waterproof bag over the head unit to help minimize water splashing onto the unit (think shower cap)


  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Thrust: 24lb
  • Voltage: 12v
  • Amps: 9-20
  • Speeds: Hi / Low
  • Supplied with power cord and alligator clips attached. If purchased with an FPV 50AH battery we will change the plugs to suit before sending to you
  • Note: these will not work with inflatable Hobie kayaks, as the motor does not fit through the Mirage well on inflatable models

Performance Notes

This motor has been tested in numerous Hobie kayaks with good results. After running some tests of our own (on a relatively flat water day with moderate winds), we concluded that on a Hobie Compass, running at full speed the ElectroLite JW Watersnake 24lb Kayak Motor will reach speeds of around 6.5 km per hour. Fitted to a Pro Angler 14 and running at full speed you’re also looking at around 6.5 km per hour. So another way to guestimate performance would be to say that at high speeds you could expect performance equivalent to a steady cruising pedaling speed, only with a lot less effort