FPV-Power Hobie Motor Mount


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The FPV-Power Hobie Motor Mount is designed to install a small electric motor into the Mirage well of a Hobie pedal kayak. This mount will work on a Watersnake ASP 24lb thrust electric motor, as well as FPV’s own kayak motor (see video below)

The FPV-Power Hobie Motor Mount is a simple drop in ‘plug and play’ design that locks into the Miragedrive well, replacing the pedals for luxurious motorized kayaking comfort. The FPV-Power Hobie Kayak Motor Mount is supplied with stainless steel hardware and incorporates a 2-part breakaway system to minimize the potential for damage to the motor and or kayak in the case of hitting an underwater obstacle

FPV-Power Hobie Kayak Motor Mount, Part# 10340