Scotty Transducer Mounting Arms

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Made specifically for use in kayaks and canoes, the Scotty Transducer Mounting Arms are a removable mounting solution for your transducer.

Designed to be able to tilt out of the way with ease when you’re paddling to a different location, and can easily be tilted back into position when you’re ready to fish. The transducer mounting bracket has two lock knobs which allows you to adjust your transducer to various depths. and a third extension allows you to pivot the transducer head to any angle

Choose from Deck Mount or Track & Gear Options. Transducer not included

Scotty Transducer Mounting Arm with Deck Mount 140
Built from durable composite plastic without any corrosion issues arising.

  • Includes the 415 Slip Discs that offer micro adjustments when required.
  • Supplied with Scotty Deck Mount base.
  • Telescopes from a compact 11.5″ all the way to 18″ when fully extended.

Scotty Transducer Mounting Arm w/ Track & Gear-Head 141
This kit includes a Scotty 440 4″ Low Profile Track, Gear-Head Adapter, Scotty Slip Discs and Transducer Mounting Arm. The Gear-Head Adapter allows you to have any Scotty post mount accessory mounted

  • Transducer Arm telescopes from a compact 11.5 inches to 18 inches when fully extended and swivel 360 degrees
  • This fully adjustable design includes the No. 415 Slip Discs that offer infinite micro position changes
  • Includes the No. 438 Gear-Head Track Adapter and 440-4 Low Profile Track
  • Track Dimensions: 1 3/4″ wide x 3/8″ tall x 7″ long (4″ usable track)