Hobie Kayak Rudder Pins

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Rudder pins to suit Twist & Stow Rudder Systems on various Hobie kayak models. Choose from passport series, standard (old style) and new centreline Twist & Stow rudder systsems

Hobie kayak rudder pins are sacrificial ‘fuses’ so to speak and are designed to break on impact (to prevent something more expensive from breaking). It pays to check rudder pins every now and then to make sure they are looking OK, and it is always good practice to carry a spare

Rudder Pin Types (sold individually)

  • Part# 77800039 – Passport 10.5 and 12
  • Part# 81394001 – Standard size old style rudder pin
  • Part# 81394021 – Centreline Standard (2011+ pictured below)