Screw-in Deck Fittings

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Hobie’s kayak screw-in deck fasteners allow you to customize your boat with the fasteners of your choice wherever a molded-in-thread is present on the kayak (each Hobie model has several positions available).

The Hobie screw-in fittings can be easily removed and replaced using the screw-in deck fitting tool. However, a good pair of long nose pliers is often a pretty good surrogate. Padeye style fittings can be easily removed by being levered through the padeye with a screwdriver.

Types Available

  • 71115001 – Shockcord End Small Hole
  • 71123001 – Shockcord End Large Hole
  • 71117001 – Cleat
  • 71116001 – Padeye
  • 71125001 – Padeye XL
  • 71124001 – Blank Plug
  • 71127001 – Flag Base