Hobie MirageDrive MD180 Kick-Up

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With the new Kick-Up fin design emerging in 2021, the Hobie Miragedrive has evolved into something truly special. Unlike the fixed fin mast design of all previous MirageDrives, Kick-Up fins will collapse on impact.

With the new Hobie MirageDrive MD180 Kick-Up Fins, Standard & Turbo, what was previously the natural predator of the Hobie Miragedrive – rocks and stumps in shallows – is now super easy, barely an inconvenience!

Then when you a clear of obstruction and start pedaling again the fins automatically lock back into position. This equally clever and very convenient design goes a long way to mitigate damaged fins and practically eliminates the possibility of bent masts, which will has the potential reduce maintenance costs over time.

MD180 Kick-Up MirageDrives can propel the kayak both forward and reverse. With a quick pull of the forward or reverse shifters the fins pivot 180° to allow for instant direction changes. Combined with the new Kick-Up fin design, the MD180 system inspires confidence and control. Available with standard fins (shorter fin length for an easier pedal stroke) and turbo fins (longer length for more thrust per stroke)

MD180 Kick-Up MirageDrive are supplied with the new Arc pedal crank system, which is stronger than previous versions, and easier to adjust leg length.

Hobie MirageDrive MD180 Kick-Up System


  • MirageDrive KU MD180 Standard Fins, Part# 77800210
  • MirageDrive KU MD180 Turbo Fins, Part# 77800215