SLH Suction Cup Load Bar


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Our new version of the SLH suction cup kayak loading bar has been designed to simplify the process of loading a kayak onto roof racks from the rear of the vehicle. The SLH suction cup load bar is best suited for 4WDs, SUVs and station wagons.

The SLH Suction Cup Load Bar is ideal for use on such vehicles where the rear rack is positioned too far forward to load the bow of the kayak onto the rear bar without touching the back of the car


  • 2 x Heavy Duty suction cups
  • 1 x 36″ Hobie rack pad for padding and reduced friction
  • 102cm Black aluminium Rhino bar with end caps
  • Pre-drilled holes in bar for alternate suction cup mount positions (wide and narrow to accommodate different roof width and shapes)