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*SOLD* In order to make room for more stock we have finally decided to offer our display Pro Angler 14 for sale. This eye-catching beauty is a one-of-a-kind, wrapped with a P51 Mustang inspired design.

This boat has served it's tour of duty in-store and is now free to settle into civilian / mercenary life. It has survived many close quarter skirmishes with staff and customers alike in it's time, but has never actually seen any action and thus come out the other side of this conflict completely unscathed, not a scratch! And now it's just itching to see battle for real. And it needs a pilot. $4400 (Thats not a misprint)

Technically it's a 2015 hull (we would say the exclusive wrap makes it timeless) and we've fitted it with a 180 Turbo Miragedrive to bring it up to current spec performance. Also comes with standard extras; paddle, hatch liner, h-rail drink holder, h-rail rod cradles, tackle boxes & tackle rack, brand spanking new full warranty