Custom Lynx Bixpy-Ready Rudder

The SLH Custom Lynx Bixpy-Ready Rudder mount has been designed and tested by SLH to facilitate a simple rudder blade mounted Bixpy motor on Hobie Lynx and i-Trek 9 model kayaks

Our Custom Lynx Bixpy-Ready Rudder Lynx / iTrek 9 rudder adapter is interchangeable with your standard Lynx/iTrek9 rudder system. In fact it’s the same Hobie rudder that SLH have modified to accept the Bixpy J-2 Motor.

Bixpy J2 Kayak Motor Mounted to Hobie Lynx Rudder

The beauty of this system is that it clips on and off as easily as the standard Lynx i-Trek 9 rudder system. In our opinion this system is simply the best option for the Hobie Lynx, providing not only powered steering but dual propulsion from both your MirageDrive and Bixpy at the same time. It’s also quieter than the through hull option, however it does make the rudder system heavier so manually deploying and retrieving the rudder is best.

Bixpy Motor Mounted to Hobie Lynx Rudder

Due to the time consuming nature of building these we don’t make them available for purchase online, but we do still make them for customers buying a Lynx kayak and Bixpy motor from us.

If’ you’ve got the time, tools and know-how you could fairly easily produce much the same thing yourself. All you really need is a sacrificial Lynx / iTrek 9 Steering System Assembly and a few small stainless steel nuts and bolts