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SKU RAM-B-316-18-TRA1

RAM Trandsducer Arm Mount

The RAM Flexible Transducer Arm Mount is designed to simplify external mounting of a fish finder transducer on a kayak. Ideal for side scan transducer installations.

Attach any transducer with the included 1/8" bolt. The 18" aluminum rod can be bent to fit any hull shape and the RAM socket arm and ball mount pivots when loosened to raise or lower the transducer into place. The Arm attaches to the kayak with any 1" RAM ball mount (supplied). 

  • 'Standard' transducer mount (shown above) Part# RAM-B-316-18-TRA1 
  • Long structure/sidescan transducer mount (shown below) Part# RAM-B-316-18-TRA3 *OUT OF STOCK*

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