sea summit soft racks

Traveller Softracks provide a quick and easy way to get your kayak to your favorite paddling spot without the added expense and complication of a fixed roof rack system. The Sea to Summit Traveller Soft Rack has a unique daisy chain lash point system for maximum compatibility, while also offering a larger footprint for better weight distribution on your car roof. 2 Sizes available

  • ATSR - Standard Soft Racks (width 86cm) suits small to medium size kayaks and paddleboards. Fits Hobie Quest 11, Revolution 11, and most SUP boards
  • SOLTSRL - Large Soft Racks (width 110cm) are better suited to wider models such as Outback, Revo 13 and Revo 16


  • Three-step quick fit system
  • Increased footprint to disperse the pressure on the roof.
  • Super-strong removable daisy chain gives multiple tie down points with heavy duty die cast cam buckle and neoprene cover
  • Easy single strap, fitting the rack to most vehicles roofs
  • Grippy base and top foam reduces movement of the rack.
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Any tie down or rope can be used
  • Carries multiple watercraft and sporting equipment
  • *A soft rack should not be left on the roof for long periods of time as UV may fast track the aging of this product.

soft racks daisy chain