How to Look After Your Hobie Eclipse Board

The following information was provided to us from Hobie on how best to look after the new Hobie Eclipse Paddleboards

Every Hobie Eclipse board is master-crafted. The ACX construction – Advanced Composite Epoxy – gleams with a high gloss finish and beautiful graphics. Like all hand-crafted products, each board is unique. The differences from one to the next are small. We think of the variations as character and personality. Similar to a new sports car or one of Hobie’s high-performance Apex RAW 4R racing boards, the beauty of the Mirage Eclipse board will last longer with proper care. To preserve the high-gloss finish, avoid bumping into rocks, gravel, docks or other objects.

Hobie recommends that you launch the Hobie Eclipse in water that reaches up to your knees – about sixteen inches deep. Not only will this prevent damage to the beautiful board finish, it allows the MirageDrive® and rudder room to operate without striking the bottom. When finished with your outing, step off your Hobie Eclipse in knee deep water. Refrain from running the board into the beach while in use.

ACX boards feature strong, composite construction. Paint chips and scratches are superficial, normal wear. They won’t impact performance. To keep your Hobie Eclipse in top shape and get the most out of your board, be sure to start by viewing the Quick Start video before using. To keep your new Hobie Eclipse looking its best, follow these routine care recommendations.

  • Rinse with fresh water after each use.
  • Keep the board clean and dry for extended storage, preferably in a Hobie Eclipse protective board bag that holds the board and all of its components securely.
  • When stored, keep the board out of direct sunlight or extreme heat or cold.
  • We encourage owners to use the accessory beach cart for easier transport on land and to use rail, nose and tail protection tape to further protect against scratches.
  • Store or rack the board pad-down.
  • Board bags, beach carts, protective tape and rack pads are all available through your Hobie Authorized Mirage Eclipse Dealer.

Some state and regions now require that you have a PFD or Life Jacket while on the water. At Hobie we always suggest that whenever you are on the water, wear a PFD or Life Jacket. With care, your Hobie Eclipse will retain its beauty.