How to Maintain a Hobie kayak Twist ‘n Seal Hatch

Maintaining Hobie Twist & Stow hatches for optimal performance is a matter of cleaning and lubrication. The Twist & Seal hatches on Hobie kayaks will last longer and perform their task a lot better if properly maintained, which is pretty simple to accomplish

Twist 'n Seal Hatch

It is good practice to keep the hatch seal as well as the rim of the hatch that it seals against clean. Wipe away any salt, sand, dirt or grime that may accumulate regularly. To ensure a proper seal and smooth operation it helps to wipe both the gasket and hatch rim with a lubricant from time to time. Do this after cleaning any excess grime away

Silicon spray

Gear Aid silicone spray works very well as a hatch seal lubricant, as does Hobie’s UV protectant & restorer.

UV protectant

*Don’t use Inox to lubricate rubber hatch o-ring seals, as this is likely to stretch the rubber which makes for rougher opening and closing. If your hatch becomes difficult to close and or seals poorly and cleaning and lubricating does not help it is likely that the o-ring is stretched and needs to be replaced