Mail Orders Done Dirt Chimp

Colin came into the arms of SLH as a diversity hire and to be honest we weren’t quite sure what to do with him when he first arrived. He knows and loves Hobie kayaks, but he’s a bit too rough around the edges to be let loose among the customers. When we discovered his propensity for violence we put him in charge of security and customer complaints but that ended in disaster as well.

After the murder trial was concluded and Colin was freed on a technicality we found him celebrating by rolling around in a pile of bubble wrap. In a state of pure rapture he buried his nose into the bubbles like a kitty snorting catnip and thats when Scott had a bright idea. If Colin likes bubble wrap so much, maybe we could put him to use packing and sending mail orders.

This wasn’t without it’s challenges – first we had to teach him how to read, write and count. That took some time and not without a few missteps along the way, but now Colin can recite the alphabet, count to ten, knows his times tables and most importantly of all, doesn’t usually make mistakes when processing orders.

That’s right – Colin is a mail-order processing machine. Seriously, we’ve never seen anyone pack orders with such enthusiasm. He literally stares at the screen waiting for new orders to come through so he can process them immediately and he chimps right out if anyone else tries to process it.

The morale of the story is that if you place an order on our website, rest assured Colin will give it the due diligence you deserve. Your order will be packed well, processed and shipped fast.