Purchasing a Hobie kayak with an alternative MirageDrive

Hobie Kick-Up MirageDrives 2021

Excluding the MD360 Miragedrive (which is exclusive to the Pro Angler MD360 series) there are currently 2 basic types of Miragedrives that can be fitted into Hobie Mirage kayaks. There is the MD180 Kick-Up MirageDrive that most users are aware of, and then there is the newer, slightly simpler and less expensive Glide Tech (GT) Kick-Up MirageDrive. The MD180 Kick-Up MirageDrive is standard on most models (the Compass Duo comes with one of each) and the Passport series are supplied with GT Kick-Up MirageDrives. We are often asked by customers if they can purchase a kayak from us with an alternative MirageDrive.

For example, it’s not uncommon for our customers to buy a Passport with a MD180 drive (to gain reverse pedal propulsion) and some of our Compass, Oasis and Revo customers have chosen to go with the GT Drive, either to save on costs or because they prefer the simplicity of it.

The quality of both drives are equal, although some of the components and functionality are different (MD180 drives pedal in forward and reverse, GT drives only pedal forward). While the MD180 has more features, the GT drive is a simpler drive design with a tougher spine & sprocket assembly that requires a little less attention when it comes to basic maintenance.

There is a significant difference in the price of a GT and the MD180 Kick-Up MirageDrives, so selecting one over the other alternative drive will effect the overall kayak price quite a bit. For example, choosing a GT Drive over a standard MD180 Drive will save you around $450.00.

Conversely, replacing the GT Kick-Up MirageDrive with an MD180 Kick-Up MirageDrive in a Passport will add $450 to the price.

To summarize, significant savings can be made by choosing a GT Drive on models that come with MD180 Drives as standard. And MD180 upgrade options are also available for models that come with GT Drives as standard. Contact us if you have any further questions