Hobiecat Halyard Rings

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Hobiecat Halyard Rings – Aussie Halyard & Halyard Ring w/ Loop

Aussie Halyard Ring

Aussie Halyard Ring, Part# 3064

The Aussie Halyard Ring makes engaging and disengaging the halyard ring from the halyard hook a real snap. Designed to help if you’re having trouble raising or lowering the mainsail by keeping the ring aligned with the hook. Welded one piece design has a clevis pin that is drilled, so a clevis ring can be added to keep it locked to the sail. Welded ring and lanyard give you more positive control while hooking or unhooking the ring to the hook. Use on any boat that uses a hook at the mast head and a ring and shackle at the head of the sail.

Aussie Halyard Ring Rigging Info

Halyard Ring w/ Loop

Halyard Ring w/ Loop, Part# 61290021

Stainless steel halyard ring with loop, as used on various Hobie Cat sailboats