Ronstan Trapeze / Hound Shackle


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Ronstan 1/4 inch Bow stainless steel shackle, as used on Hobie Catamarans for attaching Trapese Wires high up the mast to Hound fitting

Use the Ronstan Trapeze / Hound Bow Shackle to attach your trapeze wires to your Hobie 16 mast. Feed this shackle through the two top holes of your Mast Tang with the pin of the shackle in the top hole. Sit 2 trapeze wires on each side of the tang

Ronstan Trapeze / Hound Shackle, Part# RF635 Specifications:

Shackle Specs RF634

  • A 6.4 mm / 1/4 in
  • B 21.0 mm / 13/16 in
  • C 19.0 mm / 3/4 in
  • D 16.0 mm / 5/8 in