Hobie Mirage Kayak Sail Kit


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Hobie Mirage Kayak Sail Kits add sail power to Hobie Mirage Kayaks with the Hobie kayak Sail Kit! Fits all current models of Hobie Mirage Kayaks. Carry bag included

Hobie sail kits work better in Hobie Mirage kayaks than other sail kits work in other kayaks. Not just because Hobie sail kits are made in the Hobie factory with the very same materials they make their catamaran sails out of, but also because the pedal-powered propulsion allows you to pedal while sailing which helps you to maintain forward motion through turns and achieve higher speeds. Paddle kayaks require hands-on paddling which prohibits use of rudder and sail controls for sailing. The MirageDrive pedal system allows you to pedal out onto the water to sail and pedal back if needed.

The MirageDrive pedal system’s fins also act as a keel or centerboard when in the down position offering the lateral resistance needed for upwind sailing. Hobie Mirage kayaks are equipped with a hand-controlled rudder (most kayaks aren’t) and the MirageDrive allows hands to be free for sail and rudder controls.

  • Two piece mast, sail, hardware, lines and durable storage bag (included)


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