Mirage Well Cassette Plugs

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Replacement Hobie MirageDrive well cassette plugs are used to plug up the Mirage well when the pedals are not being used. 3 Sizes available – Universal, Standard and Tall. Sold individually

Hobie Kayak Mirage Well Cassette Plugs

Current Mirage Well Cassette Plugs are considerably more durable than the original ones. If you’re looking to replace one of the old ones the new Universal or standard cassette plugs are compatible

Hobie MirageDrive Well Cassette Plugs Options:

  • Universal Cassette (10cm height): Fits into all models. Supplied with Passport / Inflatables / Eclipse, Part# 81538
  • Standard Height (10cm height): Fits most Mirage models (not Passport / Inflatables / Eclipse)  Part# 81537
  • Tall height (16cm height): Fits Pro Angler*, 2015+ Adventure & Tandem Island models, Part# 81536001
  • *Tall cassette plug does not fit original Pro Angler 14 hulls that were supplied with standard cassette plugs. (If in doubt measure height of Mirage well and compare to specs listed above)

Notes: standard height is compatible with all models except for Passport, Eclipse and inflatable series. Tall version is better suited to 2015+ Pro Angler, Tandem Island and 2015+ Adventure Island and Outback models. The Passport / i-series / Eclipse cassette will work in any model, but is designed specifically for those series

We have used all of these cassettes to build electric motors into them, as an optional surrogate for pedal systems