FPV-Power Kayak Alarm Lock


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The Kayak Alarm Lock by FPV-Power works as a deterrent to would-be kayak thieves

FPV-Power Kayak Alarm Lock

The FPV-Power Kayak Alarm Lock is a keyless lock that utilizes a pin code and remote to lock/unlock and arm/disarm. Once armed any movement or vibration will set off a 110 decibel siren to alert you and hopefully scare away whoever is not suppose to be touching your gear.

FPV-Power Kayak Alarm Lock features a 2-stage alarm system; with an initial disturbance it will sound off for 2-seconds (think of it as a warning shot). If disturbed again the alarm will sound off again (for 30 seconds). Please note: this alarm lock works on the element of surprise and is not to be 100% relied on to secure/lock down your kayak – a bolt cutter would be capable of cutting through the wire cable.

Can also be used with camping gear, toolboxes, pushbikes, motorbikes, and anything else you can fit the cable around!

  • Weather resistant
  • Approx. 6 months battery life
  • 1.2m cable length
  • 110dB at 1m
  • Remote control included

Kayak Alarm Lock Contents

Fpv-Power Kayak Lock