Safety Flag Screw-in Base

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Screw-in Safety Flag Base can be installed on any Hobie kayak with an existing molded thread. These are designed as a mounting base for the Hobie kayak safety flag. Sold individually

Hobie Kayak Screw-in Safety Flag Mounting Base


  • Part# 71127001



Screw-in Safety Flag Base is not supplied with adjustment nut and bolt. Add these if required to complete the picture

  • Adjustment knob nut, Part# 98100073
  • Hex Head Screw, 10-32 x 5/8”, Part# 8030562

Hobie screw-in fittings can be easily removed and replaced using the screw-in deck fitting tool. However, a good pair of long nose pliers is often a pretty good surrogate. Padeye style fittings can be easily removed by being levered through the padeye with a screwdriver.

Hobie screw-in fittings are intended to be screwed into molded-in threads present on most Hobie kayaks (Passport models excluded). Don’t buy these with intentions of screwing your own thread into the hull to fit them