Hobie Rectangular Hatch Bucket


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Rectangular gear storage buckets fit neatly into Hobie Kayak rectangular hatches

Hobie Kayak Rectangular Hatch Bucket

Hobie Rectangular Hatch Bucket, as supplied with 2019+ Outbacks but are often used to replace tackle trays in Pro Angler models and are often used in Compass and Passport models that have had rectangular hatches added.

Rectangular hatch buckets add handy storage utility for Hobie rectangular hatches. Handy for storing tackle, tools, snacks, etc. Rectangular gear bucket are designed to suit Hobie kayak rectangular hatches, both vertical and horizontal types.

Rectangular Hatch Bucket, Version 2

  • Part# 71709002
  • Dimensions: Length: 12″ – Width: 8.25″ – Height: 5″
  • Fits Hobie vertical and horizontal rectangular hatches
  • Also see: BerleyPro Rectangular Hatch Bucket Bro

Hobie Rectangular Hatch Bucket | Spacious Drop-In Tackle Storage for Hobie Rectangular Hatches