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BerleyPro fishing rod leashes are a dependable shock cord tether with a stainless snap clip at one end and lanyard at the other. Australian made

BerleyPro Tackle-Tether Fishing Rod Leash

BerleyPro Tackle-Tether Fishing Rod Leashes employ a tried and true design that works well in almost all kayak fishing scenarios. These are similar to Colin’s Rod Leashes, but are hand-made in Australia by BerleyPro’s very own Director of Rod Holder Leash Development, Martyn Gittens (whereas Colin’s leashes are hand-made by orphaned children in China slave camps). They’re also longer (1 metre length), just the way Marty likes it!

Martyn himself described these leashes as – and we quote – “being made with lots of love”. We’re not quite sure what he means by that and truth be told we’re afraid to ask… but we trust the science!

BerleyPro Tackle-Tether