Kayak Anchor Trolley Kits

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Hobie Kayak Anchor Trolley Kits. Choose from Universal and Compass / Outback 2019+

Hobie Kayak Anchor Trolley Kits

Hobie Kayak Anchor Trolley kits are installed onto kayaks as a means to simplify anchor, drogue or stake out pole deployment.

Hobie have two kayak anchor trolley kits available – a ‘universal’ kit that will suit most Hobie kayaks and almost any other kayak that provides internal access at the bow and stern (so you can access the inside for thru-bolting).

There is also a kit designed specifically for the Compass, 2019+ Outback and Passport models, and almost any other kayak that does not have internal access at the bow and or stern (this kit is supplied with more well nuts to get around this)

  • ‘Universal’ Anchor Trolley, Part# 72020073
  • Compass / Outback 2019 / Passport Anchor Trolley Kit, Part# 72020273

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