Bixpy Connector Caps


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Connector Caps protect your Bixpy connectors during storage and transportation.

Bixpy Connector Caps

When your motor is in use, remove your connector caps to prevent them from coming loose and getting lost. The Bixpy Connector Caps are held to the connector body with a small tether, that will not withstand the force of water while the Bixpy J-2 Motor is in use. So it is best to remove them while motoring.


  • Charging and Auxiliary caps: smaller caps found on the charging ports of all batteries and auxiliary port of the Bixpy Outboard Battery, SP-CAP-1011
  • Power cord connector caps: ends of your main power lines (the blue wires that power the motor), Part# SP-CAP-1012
  • Main power connector caps: motor housing and the main power output for the Bixpy Outboard Battery, Part# SP-CAP-1013

Never ever cap a wet connector – let the connector dry before placing the cap and storing. It is important that the connector caps are installed firmly when your connectors have a chance of being exposed to water.