Bixpy J2 Power Pole Adapter


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The Bixpy WillFit Power-Pole Adapter allows you to easily add a Bixpy Motor to your kayak using your standard Micro Power Pole adapter slot, providing a convenient stern-mounted motor option. Compatible with Bixpy J2 Motors only

If your Hobie kayak can be fitted with a Micro Anchor Power-Pole, you can simply screw this adapter onto your Power-Pole mount in seconds – no tools required! Note: If your kayak is Power Pole ready, but requires a special mounting plate you will need the appropriate mounting plate for your kayak (contact us if you require more info). Also compatible with Power-Pole ready Wilderness Atak and Native Propel kayak models


  • Quick release for getting on and off the water quickly
  • Hinge that allows the motor to lift completely out of the water
  • 9.5″ to 14.5″ from bottom of plate to bottom of motor – it is recommended that the bottom of your motor be about 3″ to 5″ below the waterline and more in choppy water as necessary
  • 270° of rotational trim – adapter ships with set screws in place. To achieve steering, set screws must be removed.


  • Bixpy Power Pole Adapter
  • All hardware required to attach to Power-Pole ready kayaks
  • Pole Steering Adapter Adapter illustrated is not included and sold separately

Further info:

* Motors shown in pictures below are not included in Adapter Kits.



Bixpy Motor Power-Pole Adapter Mounted kayak Stern