50ah Lithium Battery with Pigtail and Charger Kit

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The Powertech 50ah Battery with Pigtail and Charger Kit has been put together by SLH as a power solution for fishing kayaks, canoes and boats.

Powertech 50ah Lithium Battery with Pigtail and Charger Kit

The Powertech 12.8V 50Ah Lithium battery can provide continuous current up to 50A. An internal battery management system (BMS) ensures all cells are uniformly charged and discharged, as well as providing short circuit, over current, and reverse polarity protection. This provides you with a higher degree of protection than a traditional lead acid battery. The internal BMS will also limit discharge and manage cut-off voltage, to further protect the internal cells.

Battery Dimensions:

  • Length: 195mm
  • Height: 172mm
  • Width: 164mm
  • Weight: 6.64kg

The Powertech 12/24V 10-Step Bluetooth Intelligent Lead Acid and Lithium Battery Charger is an intelligent battery charger that suits 12V or 24V LiFePO4 and Lead Acid batteries. It has 10-step charging modes to ensure your battery is in tip-top condition, and safety features include overload, short circuit, reverse polarity, safety timer and wrong battery protection. An LCD screen with push button controls enables you to select the charging mode, and integrated Bluetooth® technology lets you to conveniently check and control the charging status from your Smartphone. The charger can also double as a DC power supply by providing 13.6V up to 5A. Supplied with battery clip and 60a waterproof connector leads. Mains powered.


Powertech 50AH Battery & Charger Kit

Kit Includes:

Charger Features:

  • 12V or 24VDC
  • 10 Step Charging
  • 13.6V 5A DC Power Supply Option
  • Lead Acid and LiFePO4
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity (Please note: password 123456 is needed for B/T connection)
  • Meet Australian EESS Certification (Certificate: saa-220669-ea)

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Note: Lithium Batteries are classified as “Dangerous Goods” and cannot be shipped via air. Road Transport only – no Express Post options outside of Victoria, no international delivery