BerleyPro Hobie Guardian Transducer Protector


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The Hobie Guardian Transducer Protector by BerleyPro is designed to fully protect transducers installed into Hobie Guardian transducer scuppers

BerleyPro Hobie Guardian Transducer Protector, Australian Made from tough ABS Plastic

While the Hobie Guardian transducer scupper system retracts on impact (thus minimizing collision damage) this kit fully covers the transducer and removes all doubt. With a Guardian Transducer Protector fitted you won’t really have to be as mindful about impacts against rocks, stumps or when car-topping, loading and unloading.

The shape is designed with speed in mind by having a V – point on at both ends of the cover to help it slice through water. The side imaging, down imaging and sonar all shoot clearly through the abs cover.

Compatible with any Hobie kayak with a Guardian transducer scupper:
2019+ PA12, PA14, PA12 360, PA14360, Outback

Suits the following transducers:

  • Lowrance – TotalScan
  • Lowrance – 3-in-1 Active imaging
  • Lowrance – 3D Structure scan
  • Lowrance – LSS2
  • Lowrance – Tripleshot
  • Garmin – GT52/CV52
  • Garmin – GT51/CV51
  • Garmin – GT40
  • Raymarine – RV100
  • Raymarine – HV100