7ah LifePO4 Lithium Power Pack


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The SLH Fish Finder Lithium Power Pack 7amp LifePO4 consists of a Powertech 7ah Lithium battery with a lead securely fitted to the terminals, a pigtail to suit, solder splices for installation and a charger

SLH 7ah LifePO4 Lithium Power Pack

We’ve fitted this Powertech 7ah Lithium battery with a lead connected and fully sealed to the terminals, paired it with a Powertech charger to suit and included a pigtail (with solder splices) to connect the power cord of a fish finder.

Although much lighter, these batteries are the same dimensions as used in the the lead-acid batteries that Hobie use to supply as part of their original fish-finder install kits. This means that the Powertech LiFePO4 7.0Ah battery is a perfect fit for the Hobie 12v Battery holder, which can be mounted to the sail mast receiver / accessory mount tube, or otherwise suspended from a round 8″ hatch.

Powertech Battery in Hobie Battery Holder Hatch

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