Trem Tube Clips


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SLH use Trem tube clips to mount FPV Lithium Batteries to Hobie Mirage kayak mast receiver tubes, and now you can to! This is the simplest, smallest, lightest and least expensive method of mounting an FPV Lithium battery to your Hobie Mirage kayak.

Trem tube clips will work with 7ah and 17.5ah size FPV batteries. However we recommend using the BerleyPro FPV Battery Mast Mount for 17.5ah batteries

Kit includes:

  • 2 x Tube clips
  • 2 x Stainless screws

Installing the clips to the battery is simply a matter of screwing the clips into the corner holes of the battery. Each clip is screwed in by a single screw, which is strong enough to hold a 7 and 17AH battery to the tube. Although not required for installation, optionally you can also add a small blob of Marine Goop under the clip when mounting to secure the position so the clips do not pivot.