RAM 1.5" C Ball, Square Base

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1.5 inch ‘C’ size RAM Balls as commonly used by SLH for deck mounting rod holders, fish finders and camera booms onto fishing kayaks. Available with or without installation hardware

2.5″ x 2″ rectangle base. The base has four pre-drilled holes at each corner and are simple to install to a flat surface of the deck or gunwale of a kayak canoe or boat. 1.5″ Ball base, compatible with most RAM fishing rod holders and any RAM 1.5″ socket arm


  • RAM Rectangular 2.5 x 2″ composite base supplied with backing plate and fitting hardware, Part# 72023046
  • RAM Rectangular 2.5 x 2″ aluminium base (fitting hardware not included), Part# RAM-202U-225 (pictured below)

RAM-202U-225 Aluminium RAM Ball Mount