Railblaza R-Lock Pro Series Camera Mount


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Railblaza have developed a fantastic new camera mount system in the new R-Lock Camera Mount series

Railblaza R-Lock Pro Series Camera Mount

Railblaza’s innovative R-Lock Mounts provide convenient adjustability allowing you to shoot at any angle as well as swivel 360 degrees and hold your camera securely. The R-Lock friction joint system combines with an adjustable knuckle joint to offer rotating joints that can be locked and offers greater control of pitch and yaw angles

Can be used on SUPs, kayaks, boats, sailboats, inflatables, motorcycles and any other type of vehicle. Compatible with any Railblaza mount, this is probably the most versatile camera mount on the market and certainly one of the most user-friendly

Railblaza R-Lock Pro Series Camera Mount, Part# 02-4130-11

  • Quality New Zealand made from high quality, waterproof and UV proof materials
  • Easy single-handed adjustment using R-Lock friction joints
  • R-Lock swivel joints can be locked, adjustable knuckle joint
  • Unscrew GoPro mount to use ¼ 20” screw
  • Light-weight and rigid
  • Quick release with a flick of the StarPort lock
  • Top Camera Mount Adaptor is removable to make a low-profile mount

Railblaza R-Lock Pro Series Camera Mount Functions