RAM X-Grip with Socket Arm


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The RAM Universal X-Grip consists of the universal spring loaded X-Grip® cradle and standard 1″ size composite double socket arm.

RAM X-Grip with 1″ Socket Arm

The included X-Grip cradle has a clean and clever four leg design that sports great holding power without hiding your phone behind foam pads and plastic. The spring loaded X-Grip® cradle expands and contracts, allowing for a perfect custom fit of your cell phone. The X-Grip includes a device tether recommended for outdoor applications.

RAM X-Grip

*Note: socket arm is included, but a base mount is not supplied (see related items for options)

Cradle Dimensions

  • Minimum Width = 1.875″ (Minimum Height = 4.25″)
  • Maximum Width = 3.25″ (Minimum Height = 2.25″)
  • Depth = 0.875″