H-Rail RAM Dual T-Slot


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Hobie H-Rail RAM Dual T-Slot for mounting accessories to Dodecagon H-Rail tubes with a track mounting T-bolt

Hobie H-Rail RAM Dual T-Slot

The Hobie H-Rail RAM Dual T-Slot is designed for mounting accessories with a track mounting T-bolt. This part (Part# 72023101) directly replaces the H-Rail Mighty Mount (Part# 84620153) and does the exact same job, but with a twist!

The H-Rail RAM Dual T-Slot has a horizontal track slot and a vertical track slot, built into one compact package! This will be one of the most popular accessories for attaching single t-bolt track accessories anywhere along the Hobie H-rail. This part makes way for creative rigging!

Hobie H-Rail RAM Dual T-Slot


  • Horizontal and vertical track slots accommodate a variety of rigging options
  • Rugged composite material won’t break or weaken over time
  • Built-in drain sheds water
  • H-Rail Clamp allows installation and adjustment anywhere you have a section of H-Rail