RAM Universal Adapt-A-Post Track Base


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The RAM Universal Adapt-A-Post Track Base is a versatile track mounting base that combines compatibility across post and spline adapter systems from RAM, Railblaza, Scotty & Cannon.

RAM Universal Adapt-A-Post Track Base, Part# RAP-AAPUTU

RAM Track Mount Base

This mounting base uses a single t-bolt to secure into a track and is most suitable for mounting fish finder, action cameras and light-duty fishing rods onto kayaks. Features a smooth quick-release button.

RAM Adapt a Post Track Mount


  • Universal post and spline base compatible with post and spline systems from RAM® Mounts, Scotty, Railblaza and Cannon
  • Compatible with all versions of RAM® Tough-Track™ and most third-party tracks
  • Locking button prevents base from spinning loose with rod holder movement
  • Quick-release mechanism for easy install and removal of mounted accessory