Tandem Island Sails

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Replacement Sails for Hobie Tandem Island Trimaran Sailing Kayak. Supplied with carry bag

Hobie Tandem Island Sails

Note: We don’t usually carry Tandem Island sails in stock and are generally only available for purchase via pre-order only. Contact us to inquire


  • 88995512 SAIL-TDM ISLAND 2015+ SMOKE (Suit Hibiscus Model)
  • 88995513 SAIL-TDM ISLAND 2015+ BREEZE (Suit Papaya Model)
  • 88995511 SAIL-TDM ISLAND 2015+ DUNE (Suit Dune Model)
  • 88998507 SAIL-TDM ISLAND V2 BAHAMA 2017+ (Suit Dune Model)
  • 88998527 SAIL-TDM ISLAND V2 ARUBA 2017+ (Suit Hibiscus Model)