H-Bar Passport 12


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Hobie H-Bar for the Passport 12 fishing kayak. Adjustable height, easy installation, instructions included

Hobie Passport 12 H-Bar

Hobie h-bar fitted to passport 12

By popular demand Hobie have developed a H-Bar for the Passport 12 fishing kayak. Hobie H-Bars are used by kayak anglers in various ways, from a grab hold assist when getting in and out of the kayak, as well as pulling up from a seated position. They can also be used to lean on or hold onto when standing.

H-Bars are constructed with Hobie’s H-Rail dodecagon tubing for unlimited H-Rail accessory mounting options. Folds down without getting in the way of anything.

Hobie Mirage Passport 12 | How to install H-Bar Standing Support

Ultimate Hobie Mirage Passport 12.0 - Rigged for Fishing

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