Rudder Line T-Handle Label Caps


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Replacement handle caps for Hobie kayak rudder t-handles. Choose from Up, Down, Rudder, Skeg, Transducer, Kickstand and Drain labels.

Rudder Line T-Handle Label Caps are designed to clip into Hobie ctrl line t-handle toggles:

Rudder Line T-Handle

Choose from ‘Up’, ‘Down’, ‘Rudder’, ‘Skeg’, ‘Transducer’, ‘Kickstand’ & ‘Drain’ labels

  • Rudder Up Label, Part# 81406101
  • Rudder Down Label, Part# 81407101
  • Rudder Label, Part# 81401101
  • Skeg Label, Part# 81401201
  • Transducer Label, Part# 81401501
  • Kickstand Label, Part# 81401301
  • Drain Label, Part# 81401401