Standard Bulb Trim-Lok Seal Kits

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Replacement Standard Bulb Trim-Lok Seal Kits cut to length for specific model Hobie kayaks. Standard bulb size as used in the front hatches of many Hobie kayaks.

Standard Bulb Trim-Lok Seal Kits for Hobie Kayak Bow Hatches

Kits are supplied with at least 1″ extra than factory specified hatch (and or lid) circumferences to account for manufacturing tolerance variance, so you may have to trim the length to achieve a perfect fit. Large bulb trim-loc kits for other models are also available (see related items).

Standard Bulb Trim-Lok Seal Kits

Standard Bulb Trim-Lok Seal Kit Options:

  • Oasis / Odyssey: 38″, Part# TRIM-LOC-S38
  • Sport: 42″, Part# TRIM-LOC-S42
  • Outback (2018 & earlier): 50″, Part# TRIM-LOC-S46
  • Outback (2019 & later): 46″, TRIM-LOC-S44
  • Revolution 11 / Quest 11: 48″, Part# TRIM-LOC-S48
  • Revolution 13 / Quest 13: 53″, Part# TRIM-LOC-S53
  • Revolution 16 / Adventure bow hatch: 51″, Part# TRIM-LOC-S51
  • Revolution 16 / Adventure lid: 55″, Part# TRIM-LOC-S55

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