Eclipse Flow Fin MirageDrive


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Hobie Eclipse Miragedrive with Flow Fins and Glide Technology

Hobie Eclipse Flow Fin MirageDrive

The Flow Fin MirageDrive is designed to propel the Hobie Eclipse Stand Up Pedal Board, and it does a fine job of that. Although quite different in shape to the various MirageDrives available for Hobie’s pedal kayaks, the Flow Fin drive is instantly recognizable as something Hobie would make. Most notably, the cranks are horizontal rather than vertical. The cranks interact with a pair of large, flat pedals permanently mounted to the Mirage Eclipse board via a hinge on the front. They flip up and out of the way for MirageDrive installation and removal. It’s exceptionally clever and easy.

The fins are different too. Although the new Flow Fins are as long as ST Turbo Fins (as used on kayaks), the squared off shape has a larger surface area and generates greater resistance and transfers much more power. Because the user is standing on them (with gravity on their side) they can put all of their weight into a pedal stroke.