Pro Angler Hatch Seal Upgrade Kit


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Hobie have developed a new hatch seal kit that is designed to address front hatch leakage issues experienced by some early model Pro Angler users in rougher conditions

Hobie Pro Angler Hatch Seal Upgrade Kit

This hatch seal is a standard inclusion on 2018+ model Pro Anglers, but this kit makes it available for owners of previous models

The rubber seal provided in this kit is pre-cut to match the perimeter of the Pro Angler 14 front hatch lid. It can easily be trimmed back to fit the PA12 or PA17. Applies via a peel-and-stick adhesive backing to the underside of the hatch lid. Simply clean the area with rubbing alcohol, let dry and the seal installs quickly and easily

  • Part# 71707004
  • Installation instructions included