ZRay Inflatable SUP FAQ

Zray D1 Dual 10 iSUP

We tend to get a lot of good questions from customers about our ZRay Inflatable SUPs and have rounded up the most frequently asked to provide answers here

ZRay Inflatable SUP Warranty

The warranty on Zray iSUPs is 1 year from date of purchase

How to care for ZRay Inflatable SUPs

Maintenance is pretty straight forward. When using you ZRay at the beach for the day, if the board is not on the water it is a good idea to reduce the pressure by a few PSI as the sun will increase the air pressure inside the board. Avoid leaving the SUP on hot beach sand under hot sun for extended periods with the PSI at or precariously close to max PSI)

Make sure the inflation valve is clean and free of sand before inflating or deflating.

Using a UV protectant spray once in a while on your board is a good idea and may help to extend its lifespan.

Cleaning, packing & storing

It’s best to pack your ZRay iSUP away in it’s bag when it is fully clean and dry. Cleaning will usually just be a matter of rinsing it off, but you could use mild dish washing soap to help scrub off stains if required. Make sure it is fully dry before packing it away.

Keep it stored out of direct sunlight and away from exposure to the elements, which will just weaken the material over time.

How long does an iSUP take to inflate?

The length of time it takes to inflate your iSUP will depend on the type of pump you are using. With the regular supplied hand pump it will take between 6 – 10 minutes depending on how fast you pump and which size board you have. With an electric pump it will take a similar amount of time but without the physical effort.

Your ZRay iSUP will take shape quite quickly as you inflate it will take longer to get the pressure into the board to create the stiffness required.

All ZRay iSUPs inflate to a Max of 15PSI (Do not exceed this pressure). In very hot conditions it is best to reduce the pressure by a few PSI.

The effect of length and width on performance characteristics

The longer and more streamlined the SUP, usually the faster and straighter it will go. The shorter they are, the more maneuverable they are and thus easier to turn. Wider boards will be more stable and are generally better suited for beginners

Notes on ZRay Dual Chamber

Most current models feature dual chambers. There are 2 main reasons for Dual chambers. The first is that they create a stiffer board particularly for riders of 85kg and upward. The second reason is there is the added safety of 2 separate chambers. In the unlikely event of a leak in one chamber, the other will get you back to the beach safely.

Notes on ZRay fins

A. All ZRay iSUPs come with a removable center fin. Some models have smaller fixed side fins, but do not hinder the folding of the iSUP.

Notes on Car-topping an iSUP

You can transport an iSUP on roof racks but we recommend that this is kept to local journeys at slower speeds (avoid doing this on longer journeys). Although the board needs to be stiff enough to strap down and deal with wind forces, you should deflate the board by a few PSI as it will be fully exposed to the sun and therefore the air inside will expand increasing the pressure.

What to do if your ZRay iSUP is losing pressure and how to find the leak

The most common places to find a leak will either be from the inflation valve or from a seam. To check for a leak in either of these places, you will need a soapy water solution.

With your board fully inflated, pour some soapy water over the seams and spread the suds with a sponge. Watch for tiny bubbles, that’s where your leak will be.

If the leak is coming from the valve, first dry the valve and area around it then use the plastic spanner to tighten the valve (spanner supplied in orange canister with board) check with soapy solution again.

To find a leak on the seam you will need to apply soapy solution along the seams and watch for bubbles.

If you find a leak you can now patch it. ZRay iSUPs are supplied with a repair kit that includes a small PVC patch and some waterproof glue and instructions.

Deflate your board and make sure it is clean and dry. Then apply a generous layer of glue to the area with the leak.

Alternatively if your ZRay is within warranty we offer a FOC repair service. Repairs outside the warranty period will incur a cost.

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