Pro Angler 360 Quickstart & Maintenance Guides

Owners of Hobie Pro Angler 12 360 and PA14 360 fishing kayaks are riding the wave of new and high technology and there are numerous differences with these models over the other Hobie kayaks. This is especially true of the MirageDrive 360 pedal system itself.

How to Service a Hobie Miragedrive

If you’ve maintained your Miragedrive with reasonable regularity you shouldn’t need to have your Miragedrive serviced as often as you may otherwise imagine. 

How to Adjust Hobie Kayak Rudder Lines

Whether it’s because your lines are loose or you need to re-align the rudder blade, at some point you’re probably going to need to re-adjust the rudder lines on your Hobie kayak. This video below discusses the differences between the rudder systems on the new Outback, Compass and Pro Angler models. For a full description on how to […]

Kayak Car-topping Systems

When it comes to loading kayaks onto roof racks we’ve got quite a few tricks up our sleeve. There is no single silver bullet solution when it comes to car-topping – different kayak model & car model types as well as various roof rack arrangements command a need for various loading options. In this video […]

Five Common Misconceptions about Hobie kayak Hulls

SLH have been selling Hobie kayaks since 2004, so we’ve been around the block a few times. In that time we’ve read, heard & watched a lot of misconceptions get passed around as gospel among the ill-informed. Admittedly, after all this time we’re growing kind of weary of it, which is why we made this […]

How to Repair a Ding in a Hobie Kayak

If you have found an inadvertent dint or ding in the hull of your kayak don’t panic – there are several ways you can go about smoothing out a ding in your Hobie kayak. We’ve got a few suggestions on how to go about doing it. Method 1: Boiling water Hobie have posted an insightful […]

Early Model Hobie Kayak Intro User Guide

This informative video from Hobie runs through the accessories that are supplied with Hobie Miragedrive kayaks as well as a guide on how to go about using them. This is well worthy viewing for anyone purchasing an early model (pre 2015) second hand Hobie kayak

Quick-Start Videos for Hobie Kayaks

Introductory video tutorials on getting off to a good start with your Hobie kayak. If you’ve bought yourself a second hand Hobie kayak, and or had one delivered without the benefit of a proper introduction to it, we highly recommend you peruse the Quickstart videos listed in this article. Within you’ll find informative quick start […]