Kayak Car-topping Systems

When it comes to loading kayaks onto roof racks we’ve got quite a few tricks up our sleeve. There is no single silver bullet solution when it comes to car-topping – different kayak model & car model types as well as various roof rack arrangements command a need for various loading options. In this video we demonstrate a bunch of different loading systems.

Car-topping a kayak can seem like daunting task, especially for larger and heavier kayaks. There are many ways you can go about loading a kayak onto roof racks and in this video we demonstrate all the various ways we go about doing it. Whichever system works best for you will be determined by your kayak model, vehicle type, and roof rack arrangement. Peruse our range of kayak car-topping and storage accessories here. Contact us if you have any questions

Kayak Car Topping Systems & Solutions


  • The Thule Hullivator now has a competitor product in the Yakima Showdown, which is less expensive, has a marginally higher carrying capacity and is much easier to install / uninstall
  • This video was created a few years back and some things have changed since then. The Rhino T-Loader shown in the video is no longer available. We have since developed a more capable product in the SLH Hobie Kayak Loader