SLH Hobie Kayak Loader


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SLH Hobie Kayak Loader for winch assisted effortless car-topping. Raise & lower your kayak on and off the roof of your car with ease. Capable of loading large and heavy Hobie fishing kayaks, ideal for Pro Angler, Outback, Compass & Tandem Models.

SLH Kayak Loader fitted tow hitch

SLH Kayak Loader provides the easiest way yet to load and unload a Hobie kayak of almost any weight on and off your car. All overhead lifting is eliminated, making control of an ungainly awkward kayak hull simple and easy. It is the first kayak car-topping assist device that allows you to load from the rear of your vehicle with the kayak positioned in an east – west orientation.

The SLH Kayak Loader allows you to lift and slide the kayak onto the loading skids at a low height across the back of the vehicle. By centering the kayak onto a balanced position over the skids and then gently turning the winch handle your heavy kayak will now travel effortlessly upwards to roof rack height. When the kayak has reached roof rack height you need only to gently pivot the kayak 90 degrees on the high strength swivel mount and then slide your kayak forward onto your roof bars. The reverse action will allow you to unload your kayak just as easily.

  • Mounts into the rear of your car via a 2″ x 2″ tow fitting
  • Suitable for Hobie kayaks as heavy as 80kg


  • We have tested this on Hobie kayak models only. We cannot guarantee how well it will work on kayak hulls of different shapes
  • 8mm Hex Allen Key required for assembly (not included)

Options suitable for:

  • Hobie rotomolded kayaks
  • Passport model (Thermoformed hulls)


Made exclusively here in Australia and formulated by engineers at the SLH institute.  Constructed of welded steel with heavy powder coating and quality Ronstan fittings. Can be disassembled into two or more parts if required

SLH Kayak Loader Kit

SLH Kayak loader assembly components