BerleyPro Will-I-Loader Kayak Lifter


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The BerleyPro Will-I-Loader is a clever device designed to help lift a kayak onto the roof of your car with minimum fuss. Australian made & designed!

BerleyPro Will-I-Loader Kayak Lifter

BerleyPro Will-I-Loader Kayak Lifter

The Will-I-Loader from the bros at BerleyPro is an ingenious kayak lifter that does most of the lifting on and off for you.

The Will-I-Loader fits into the towing hitch of your vehicle for easy loading and unloading kayaks, canoes and SUPs onto the roof racks of your car. Offering a simple one-man-job car-topping process, your kayak is loaded directly from a wheel cart without damaging the stern.

Will-I Loader Kayak Berleypro

The Will-I-Loader is designed with a unique locking gear and gas strut arrangement to be used in both loading and unloading. BerleyPro designed the loader to eliminate the steep angle required to rotate and load onto a roof rack in order to prevent damage the rear of the kayak and rudder assemblies.


BerleyPro Kayak Loader Specs

The Will-I-Loader consists of a stainless steel gear and locking pin arrangement and a gas strut that supports the weight on the way down and lifts the front end of the kayak for you when loading. The kayak is loaded by pulling the loader down to the loading position where the kayak can be wheeled on the trolley and the nose placed directly onto the loader. The front can then be pushed against the load-activation lever and the kayak then pushed up and onto the roof of the vehicle. The gas strut needs to be sized for the weight of the kayak so we have 3 options available. We recommend taking most of your accessories off the kayak while traveling but make sure you allow for them when choosing the size.

Will-I-Loader Kayak Loader - Demonstration Loading and Unloading Heavy Kayak

BerleyPro Will-I-Loader Features:

  • Stainless steel gearing and locking pins
  • Fits a 50mm tow hitch receiver
  • Heavy-duty aluminium tubing
  • Short overhang to increase entry and exit angles and remain legal when driving
  • Safety pin when driving
  • Stainless steel brackets
  • Adjustable V to suit a range of kayaks
  • Soft LDPE pads for the kayak to slide on
  • Cheater bar for pre-loading gas strut
  • Interchangeable mounts for different gas struts depending on weight
  • Remote number plate mount
  • Bumper for loading kayak
  • Plastic topped activation lever


Click to view the BerleyPro Will-I-Loader Kayak Lifter Manual (assembly, maintenance and usage guide)

How to assemble the Will-I-Loader - BerleyPro

How to use the Will-I-Loader - BerleyPro