Bumper Bro Pro Angler Keel Guard


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Berleypro Bumper Bro pro Angler Keel Guards are designed to protect the bow & or stern of your kayak from otherwise inevitable scratches, scuffs and abrasion through usage. Great way to upgrade an hull showing it’s age (or dress up for resale)

If the bow of your Hobie kayak looks like 40 miles of rough road and you’re becoming increasingly paranoid about the possibility of wearing through the hull, or are otherwise more of a prevention-is-better-than-cure kind of guy, Berleypro have you covered (literally) with Bumper Bro Keel Guards. Australian Made with tough ABS plastic. Marine Goop recommended for installation

  • Pro Angler 12, Part# BP410102
  • Pro Angler 14, Part# BP410101