BerleyPro Lynx Bumper Bro

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Bumper Bro Lynx Keel Guards have been designed by BerleyPro to protect the bow from excessive wear and tear. Bow and stern guard options available

BerleyPro Lynx Bumper Bro Keel Guard

BerleyPro Lynx Bumper Bro

So you’ve purchased a brand new Hobie Lynx kayak and want to keep it looking as fresh as possible, BerleyPro have your kayak covered with protective cover plates to eliminate unsightly abrasion on the bow (pictured above) and or stern (pictured below).

BerleyPro Lynx Stern Guard BumperBro

Bumper Bro Lynx Keel Guard

BerleyPro Bumper Bro Install & How TO