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Lighting, Visibility, storage and safety gear for kayaking
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Hobie Kayak Safety Flag

Designed to meet the needs of serious kayak anglers as well as recreational paddlers, the VISICarbon Pro™ boasts unprecedented performance in light weight, low drag, portability and functionality. 

SKU 72020040

Railblaza have updated their visibility kit with an improved light with greater efficiency. 

SKU 04-4084-11

These stands were originally designed by Hobie for use by dealerships as a display stand for Hobie Mirage kayaks. We quickly realized how useful our customers might find it for use rigging and or storage stand.

Marine Goop

Marine Goop is useful for various adhesive and sealing applications on kayaks. Popular for internal installations of sounder transducers into fishing kayaks

SKU 72021015

Any sea-kayaking instructor will tell you that one of the most essential open-water kayaking accessories is a bilge pump. Safety First!

SKU 72020032


The Solution AquaSling is a simple kayak storage solution. Ideal for storing your kayak in a carport or garage without taking up too much room

SKU qsling

kayak rescue step

Rescue Steps features quick and easy installation and operation for vessel re-entry assistance, righting an overturned kayak and can also be used to tow or portage your kayak. Its compact size makes it easy to bring along anywhere you need it. A truly all-in-one safety and convenience tool.

SKU 72020092

Hobie Dry Bag

Hobie's Dry bag is a great option to make sure your gear and valuables stay dry while kayaking.

SKU 71703001

Seal-Line See-Bag Dry Bags

When color-coding isn’t enough, See Bags take the guesswork out of what’s packed inside. Made with a tough 16 oz. transparent vinyl and a heavy-duty 19 oz. black bottom, they’re built to last through years of road and river miles.

SKU Seal-Line_See-Bag_Dry_Bags
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reflective tape

Reflective tape for high-visibility kayaking in low-light conditions

SKU 223602
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Stainless Snap Clip

Stainless Steel Snap Hook, 50mm. Popular for various kayaking and kayak fishing applications, such as tethers and rod leashes.  

SKU 164072

Hobie UV Protectant

Protect and rejuvenate fiberglass, polyethylene, vinyl and PVC materials. Ideal to prevent fading of kayak hulls that spend a lot of time in the sun. Also highly effective and cleaning and lubricating hatch o-ring seals

SKU 70060001

Gear Bucket Safety Kit

The Hobie Safety kit has many useful items when out kayaking. It includes first aid and some basic survival tools & materials. 

SKU 7202010

Lightweight and stretchable paddle leash for less resistance. Low profile, tangle free design. Adjustable attachment point made from not slip, durable Hypalon.


Hobie rolling duffle bag

Due to popular demand, Hobie have reintroduced the heavy duty Rolling Duffle bag, which is ideal for storage of wet kayak gear after use.

SKU 80000r

Railblaza Flagwhip

Railblaza's Flagwhip is light, mobile & flexible - ideal for increasing visibility on kayaks

Industrial marine grade silicon rubber sealant that is ideal for insuring water tight seals when fitting hatches, mounts and other accessories to your kayak 

SKU 376

TPU accessory case

This fully waterproof accessory case is exceptionally resistant to the demands of the trail, ideal for small items such as phones, keys and wallets

SKU TPU-Accessory-Case
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The i360 is an all-round white navigation light that meets the required standards for an all-round white navigation light for power and sailboats under 12 metres, and kayaks & canoes.

SKU 02-5004-11

Sportabout compass

Ritchie's SportAbout compass is a versatile and reliable compass that can be used as a handheld compass and just as easily mounted to the deck of a kayak for navigation on the water. 

SKU 232002+232004

Plano Case

Durable water and dust proof protection for mission critical dry storage

SKU Plano-Guide-Cases
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The Gerber Crucial Multi-Plier is compact and lightweight yet boasts a surprising amount of features for its size. 

SKU GE31000014

Aquaseal is an industry-leading seam-sealing compound that is ideal for repairing seams in waterproof fabrics, such as waders, jackets and sails (perfect for Lovig kayaking pants and jackets).

SKU aquaseal

Pack of 3 accessory carabiners from Sea to Summit


The Gerber River Shorty is built for the unique requirements of rafting, paddling and diving. Medium-carbon stainless steel is the core material highly polished to limit corrosion. 

SKU GE31002645

Adjustable padded kayak seat as used on Lovig Kayaks. Will fit most brands of sit-on top kayaks and can also be used to turn paddleboards into make-shift kayaks

SKU Lovig-Kayak-Seat

Pealess whistles are very reliable and are rather loud whistle that is ideal to attach to a PFD vest. Includes snap clip and hole for optional lanyard

SKU 223200

Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sacks are great quality and excellent value. They are light, compact and durable, with sizes available to accommodate small items such as keys, wallet and phone to emergency jacket

SKU Lightweight-Dry-Sacks
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Compatible with any Railblaza Starport mount, the Illuminate iPS is a portable bi-colour navigation light that is designed and made in New Zealand using high quality materials, and the latest LED technology

SKU 02-5005-11

2 Piece Aluminium Kayak Paddle with stiff Plastic Blades and drip rings. As used on Lovig KayaksBlades can be offset for more efficient paddling into a headwind. 218cm length. Available in store only

This drain plug is popular among kayakers to be used as an on-deck Bilge drainage port for manual bilge pumps (modified with a 25mm PVC pipe extension hose).

SKU 192450

*Out of stock* The double-action hand operated bilge pump from Sea to Summit is an obligatory safety backup for open water paddlers.

Hobie Safety Flag

Hobie designed their new safety flag specially designed for Hobie kayaks. It mounts by way of utilizing the molded threads used for screw-in fittings used in various points on all models. This means they can be installed without the need to install a mounting base.

SKU 72020108